The Promise

The Promise was written for NaNoWriMo during 2009 and is it’s working title, having just discovered another book published under the same words! So as well as completing it’s second edit, I need to think of another title.

The Promise is also set in World War II but in Italy and the UK. It tells the tale of a young soldier who is captured after a bloody battle in Torbruck. Harry and his colleagues are taken to a prisoner of war camp in central Italy. He escapes and his hidden by the contadini (peasants) in rural Le Marche. He is befriended by a family and he falls in love with the beautiful daughter Margherita. When the Italians declare allegiance with Britain, Harry is a free man and returns to the UK but not before promising to return and marry his love. However, he is promised to another in the UK and Margherita has an admirer who will not let her go.

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