My Favourite… Colours

Smarties I’ve been musing about colours and their meanings. Like you do. It started with a writing prompt that I submitted to Writers Abroad for us to have a go at this week. ‘Write about a shadow that changes colour’ – and it’s led me to all kinds of places. So I thought I’d share my top three favourite colours and what I found out about them I started to dig a little deeper. Continue reading

Free Literary Magazine and much more…

Issue 3

Issue 3

There aren’t many things that come free in life, not that doesn’t come with a caveat or two. My on-line writing group, Writers Abroad, produce a free literary magazine every 6 months. And Issue 3 was published on 1st September. Not got your copy yet? Well you should – you could win a free e-copy of our last Anthology. Continue reading

PHB Syndrome and How to Manage it

PHBNo, no it’s not catching. Honest. But I’m willing to bet a cup of coffee that a lot of us are experiencing this at the moment. Sweaty palms? A tendency to look at the pictures taken for the last month with a heavy sigh? Daily yearnings for an ice cream cone in the afternoon? Maybe a G&T before 6pm? A dread of getting on the scales?

‘Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will no withdraw from us.’ Maya Angelou

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My Works in Progress: Health Check from a Hot July

heatwaveAs the temperatures soared into the low 40’s this month and constantly stayed there, my WiP’s have struggled to keep it together. There was no respite from the humidity and sweatiness from the slightest movement, even during the night. My muse, I think is lying down in some cooler climate. Apparently, according to the Italian press, Continue reading

My Ten Favourite Quotes on Writing and Life

Just Remember...

Just Remember…

As the temperatures here in Italy (and I believe in France and Spain) have been nudging forty for the past three or four weeks, the word on the street is that this month will be the hottest July for seventy years. My brain is a puddle by my feet and so I thought I’d take the easy option and share my top ten favourite quotes about writing and life in general. Continue reading

Five Lessons Learnt about Rewrites

rewritingIt took me a long time through my writing journey (one which I know will never end) to understand that novels are not written in their readable form in one steamy afternoon. I don’t have a problem with knocking out a first draft – I have six of them in varying states of rebirth but I have struggled with finding a process for rewriting, which is the time when the real stuff really happens. Continue reading

My Top Three Passions (After Writing)

One of my other Passions in Life

One of my other Passions in Life

All writers have a life outside of their writing. Although it’s generally considered that we writerly folk are more introvert (definitely in my case) we do have other things going on in our life-like all people-we need stimulation from a wide range of things. So what gives me pleasure, other than writing? Continue reading

Works in Progress: Health Check June

Monthly Health CheckThe month of June has been a sad one as two dear writing friends over at Writers Abroad sadly passed away within days of one another. So it’s been a tough time for my writing. But I know they’ll be sat somewhere telling me to pick up my pen and Continue reading

A Writers Habit

A Dog in My Bed

A Dog in My Bed

Writers don’t have to be seen to be heard, or written for that matter. But routines and habits – if not what they wear – are linked to releasing those creative juices for some of the great writers of our times… Continue reading

Meet My Character: George

PANDgCROPGeorge is one of the main characters in my series of short stories, The Good{Expat}Life. The first series was posted on Wattpad and I’ve just completed the second series. I’m looking for potential publishing possibilities. Any suggestions of potential markets would be most welcome!

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