Getting Organised

Easier Said Than Done?

Easier Said Than Done?

How do you organise your notes, scribbles, thoughts and things ‘to be read later?’ If like me you regularly end up with a stash of unread emails and bookmarks of useful articles, never to be found again, or you spend an entire afternoon searching for an image or a snippet of information that is critical to the scene your’re writing, then read on. Continue reading

On My Reading Table

bedside tableI don’t need much encouragement to sit down with a new book and read. But for the past few years I’ve participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge where Continue reading

Works in Progress Health Check

Monthly Health Check

As part of my effort to keep motivated and have a record of my achievements (or details of the excuses) I’m going to write a short post of my current ‘works in progress’. I call it my monthly health check, after all these manuscripts have a heart beat, Continue reading