WWII Epic Book Sale

The release of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie, Dunkirk is due this Friday, 21 July, and is already being declared a big hit with five star reviews today from several sources . In anticipation of this, 40 authors of the Facebook Second World War Club have got together to offer an epic book sale. Continue reading

My Writing Day

Wake up Call

Wake up Call

Is there such a thing as a typical writing day? Not in my world. My day starts very early. Too early. Our English Springer Spaniel pup, known affectionately Continue reading

Writing Revision Process

Revision Process

Revision Process

During March I followed the daily revision course posted by Janice Hardy over at Fiction University. I can’t put my hand on my heart and say that I completed my revision, but I can say that it has helped me identify holes to be filled and areas to trim. It was quite a feat to commit to but a worthwhile one in terms of lessons learnt. Some of it wasn’t new stuff, but what the course did do was to provide a structure, a process which I will now follow for all my drafts. Having had a week of reflection on the 31 days of March Revision, these are the key learning points that stood out for me: Continue reading

CampNaNo – April

Camp-Participant-2015-Web-BannerThis will be a short post because I’ve got my head down. Yesterday, in the first of my monthly health check ups, I mentioned that I would be revisiting my first ever rough draft. All Will Be Well is an historical novel set in WW2 and inspired by a newspaper clipping (it was in fact an obituary) Continue reading

Works in Progress Health Check

Monthly Health Check

As part of my effort to keep motivated and have a record of my achievements (or details of the excuses) I’m going to write a short post of my current ‘works in progress’. I call it my monthly health check, after all these manuscripts have a heart beat, Continue reading

Writing Tools for the Trade

Trusty Tool BoxLike every professional, a writer needs and uses a number of tools to produce a quality product. I thought I might share some of my current favourites with you. These are not a definitive list at all, and they change over time depending on my mood but these have been the most consistent. The ones I go back to time and time again, like trusty old friends.  Continue reading