New Release: The Promise

My new release, The Promise, is available for 99c/99p for a limited time only. Grab your copy at the links below. And if you do read, please leave a review or let me know by email what you think. Thank you!



Publishing Plans and New Books

I know, it’s February and I’m posting about my annual plans for writing but as you may well know, January ‘resolutions’ Continue reading

All Will Be Well – Free Digital Copy

It’s that time of year again when I lock myself in my writing lab, scribbling away every day (well almost every day) to reach the magical target of 50,000 words. I’m participating in an annual event called National Novel Writing Month and this will be my seventh year. You can read more about NaNo and Me over at My Writer Within.

Anyway, during this month I shall be giving away limited free copies of my second historical novel, All Will Be Well, which is set in World War II. Once you’ve read it, I’d be very grateful if you’d find time to post a review – long or short and as honest as you like. Readers impressions are important to us writers, your feedback is more valuable than you could ever imagine. No obligation though, I promise. Here are a couple of thoughts from other readers…

“This is a sensitive and poignant story about an unlikely relationship between two women from vastly differing backgrounds during World War II. War is a great leveller, and so a friendship that might never have happened in peacetime was able to flourish.”

“A beautiful story told in a sensitive voice – this novel is set in WWII and is driven by two strong female characters. It charts their individual and combined development through the challenges of war. As the novel progresses they each, in their own way, become admirable women. There is nothing crass or predictable about this one.”


I’ll resurface again in December!

Until then,

WWII Epic Book Sale

The release of Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie, Dunkirk is due this Friday, 21 July, and is already being declared a big hit with five star reviews today from several sources . In anticipation of this, 40 authors of the Facebook Second World War Club have got together to offer an epic book sale. Continue reading

Dreamcatchers and Writing

There are a few things going on in the life as Louise Charles. Firstly, I’ve been working on  Continue reading

Free Literary Magazine from Writers Abroad

As some of you know, I belong to Writers Abroad, a fab community which supports expat writers. Twice a year we publish a free literary magazine which is packed full, with something to please every reader. A couple of weeks ago, I met some of these wonderful fellow authors for real after 10 years of online friendship!


In this, our sixth issue, we are proud to have secured an interview with the renowned international author, Peter May who lives in France. His success and the road he travelled to get there is inspiration for all of us.

All of the content is provided by WA members, so we have a rich and diverse publication with short stories, articles about expat life and where we live, poetry, recipes, book reviews and much more. And it’s free! So treat yourself to some time out this weekend, put your feet up and allow yourself to be transported to other parts of the world.

And, for the first time, we have included a literary quiz. The first reader to provide the correct answers via email, will win 15 euros in Amazon Gift Vouchers.

You can read the magazine online at Joomag where you can also download a copy, or alternatively there is a direct PDF download; the links are below. Enjoy!

Let There Be Light

At the end of the tunnel, that is. In February I wrote a post about the revision course I’m taking. Back then I was on Lesson Three (out of 22) after a little bit of a stop start. Now I’m on Lesson Twelve and I can’t say it’s got much easier but Continue reading

Free Giveaway and New Release!

My renewed efforts to kick start my daisy chain publication plan continues with this new release; All Will Be Well. I started this particular story a long time ago, I’m talking years, so it’s been through several stages and I have one lady to thank for Continue reading

Revision Hell or Heaven?

stairs-735995_640I don’t blog ‘how to’ posts as I reckon there are a lot of good writing bloggers out there already and there isn’t enough room for any more advice. I regularly go through my email subscriptions as if I did read every piece of advice on writing, the writing would never get done! What I do share is what works for me. Continue reading