Writing Goals and Mono Tasking

That’s right, one thing at a time. For years I’ve prided myself on being a wonderful multi-tacker. In my late 20’s I was a single mum, working full time and completing a Masters Degree all at the same time. Now that takes some doing but… Continue reading

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Writing Tools for the Trade

Trusty Tool BoxLike every professional, a writer needs and uses a number of tools to produce a quality product. I thought I might share some of my current favourites with you. These are not a definitive list at all, and they change over time depending on my mood but these have been the most consistent. The ones I go back to time and time again, like trusty old friends.  Continue reading

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Lou’s Writing Goals for 2014

Well, I’m trying to restrain my over ambitious approach to setting goals and be more measured in my plans.

My overall aims (or what I call ‘dreams’) for the year 2014 are to:

  1. Self Publish ‘The Duke’s Shadow’ – which I hope to have done before my 50th year is out (February) but not holding my breath – as long as I get it done by end of June. I’ve just found a very reasonably priced copy editor who is going to go through the whole ms and check for errors etc. which has given me a bit more confidence. Now I just need to get the cover sorted…
  2. Complete rewrite of ‘Wolf Moon’ – my NaNo 2013 project.  Hope to have completed this by the end of 2014, given how long it took me with The Duke!
  3. Continue to submit Penny and George scenes (‘The Good Life’) – for feedback on Writers Abroad and would like to start preparation for self publishing depending on how number 1 goes!
  4. Write regularly every week (target of 500 words per session), which I’ve already started and could be anything, a sort of muse a day… kind of thing
  5. Take part in the NaNo 2014 Challenge – hopefully inspired by something written in 4 but may well visit other projects…

Now I must take a deep breath and get down to it….

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Foreign and Far Away Anthology

Foreign and Far Away

Louise is a founding member of Writers Abroad, an online writing group. They have published their fourth anthology, Foreign and Far Away which is available via Amazon. All proceeds will be donated to the Book Aid Organisation and the foreword has been written by Amanda Hodgkinson, author of 22 Britannia Road

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