Publishing Plans and New Books

I know, it’s February and I’m posting about my annual plans for writing but as you may well know, January ‘resolutions’ Continue reading

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Free Literary Magazine from Writers Abroad

As some of you know, I belong to Writers Abroad, a fab community which supports expat writers. Twice a year we publish a free literary magazine which is packed full, with something to please every reader. A couple of weeks ago, I met some of these wonderful fellow authors for real after 10 years of online friendship!


In this, our sixth issue, we are proud to have secured an interview with the renowned international author, Peter May who lives in France. His success and the road he travelled to get there is inspiration for all of us.

All of the content is provided by WA members, so we have a rich and diverse publication with short stories, articles about expat life and where we live, poetry, recipes, book reviews and much more. And it’s free! So treat yourself to some time out this weekend, put your feet up and allow yourself to be transported to other parts of the world.

And, for the first time, we have included a literary quiz. The first reader to provide the correct answers via email, will win 15 euros in Amazon Gift Vouchers.

You can read the magazine online at Joomag where you can also download a copy, or alternatively there is a direct PDF download; the links are below. Enjoy!

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Establishing a (Self) Publishing Presence

Publishing Presence

Publishing Presence

If you read my post, Daisy Chain Publication Plan, at the beginning of the year you’ll know that I’ve set myself some pretty challenging writing goals for 2016. I have five projects which I plan to publish over the next twelve months, all novels which have been scribbled over the last seven (maybe ten) years.

The year did not get off to a good start but I’m not defeated and will not be defeated. One of my goals was to set up a presence for my self published work. I could, of course, just continued with publishing under my author name. I already have two books published; The Duke’s Shadow (2014) and The Good{Expat}Life (2015), so I have form.

For me, it’s important to separate the writing from the publication. My brain already resembles a mushy mess and I work better when I divide things into compartments. I learnt, only very recently that I’m not the super duper woman I thought I was, and that multi-tasking just doesn’t work for me. How I wished I’d discovered that years ago, but there you have it. A lot of wisdom comes with fifty odd years of understanding, and accepting, myself. I enjoy all aspects of the writing process, right through from first ideas and musing along to pushing the publish button. I’m not that great at the next bit, marketing, but that’s something I’ll tackle next year.

I’m currently in the ‘production’ process of my first project of the year. The Morning Gift is set in the times of the Vikings and is a very light romance sprinkled with un-forbidden love. It was due to be published by the end of February and yes, you’ve guessed it’s now March. If you read last months posting, Reviewing Your Writing Goals, you’ll understand why. Anyway, I shall have finished formatting the manuscript for print and ebook format by tomorrow. Then just a final last glance and we’re away with my first publication of 2016.

And so, White Wolf Books, is born.

Bertie and Freya Italian Maremma's

Bertie and Freya Italian Maremma’

I thought long and hard about the name and many of the ones that came immediately to mind were already taken. I have a fascination with wolves and with their descendants; the domestic dog. We have two Italian sheepdogs, Maremma’s, who resemble wolves in very many ways. I must record our youngest, Freya, howling one day. It really is quite eery. There are many myths and legends about wolves, most famously I suppose Little Red Riding Hood (another good name perhaps!)

The other reason I chose this was because I wanted a catching image that would be recognisable with the brand. And I think this does it, don’t you?Picture3

Until Later,

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p.s. if you want to read more about the nitty gritty of my writing life, warts and all I journal (when the urge takes me) over at My Writer Within.

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New Release: The Good Expat Life

The Good Expat Life

The Good Expat Life

An exciting week as I release the first series of The Good Expat Life. This started life as a number of short vignettes about the main characters, Penny and George.

The stories are influenced by one of my all time favourite TV series in the late 1970’s (when I was very young, you understand) and sparked by some of my experiences of moving to another country and have been such fun to write.

The Good Expat Life is not a tale of renovating a tumbling down property; Penny and George live in a property classed as hovel status and have no ready cash to restore it. It is not about Prosecco by the pool; more like a treck in the wild gardens of their Italian casa. It is not about the golden, hazy days of retirement; more about learning from scratch the way to self sufficiency.

The Good Expat Life is about friendships; new and old. It is about laughter; usually at the expense of Penny and George. It is about the nuances of misunderstandings; the language, the culture and the odd malapropism (or what George fondly refers to as ‘Pennyisms).

Penny and GeorgeReaders Comments:

‘I love these guys…always good for a laugh!’
‘Very funny. The dialogue keeps the pace up.’
‘What a great opening – man shackled to a lamp post. I loved it. ‘
‘I had a smile on my face reading this, all the way through.’

Available in the following formats:


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Free Literary Magazine and much more…

Issue 3

Issue 3

There aren’t many things that come free in life, not that doesn’t come with a caveat or two. My on-line writing group, Writers Abroad, produce a free literary magazine every 6 months. And Issue 3 was published on 1st September. Not got your copy yet? Well you should – you could win a free e-copy of our last Anthology. Continue reading

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