Let There Be Light

At the end of the tunnel, that is. In February I wrote a post about the revision course I’m taking. Back then I was on Lesson Three (out of 22) after a little bit of a stop start. Now I’m on Lesson Twelve and I can’t say it’s got much easier but Continue reading

Five Lessons Learnt about Rewrites

rewritingIt took me a long time through my writing journey (one which I know will never end) to understand that novels are not written in their readable form in one steamy afternoon. I don’t have a problem with knocking out a first draft – I have six of them in varying states of rebirth but I have struggled with finding a process for rewriting, which is the time when the real stuff really happens. Continue reading

Writing Revision Process

Revision Process

Revision Process

During March I followed the daily revision course posted by Janice Hardy over at Fiction University. I can’t put my hand on my heart and say that I completed my revision, but I can say that it has helped me identify holes to be filled and areas to trim. It was quite a feat to commit to but a worthwhile one in terms of lessons learnt. Some of it wasn’t new stuff, but what the course did do was to provide a structure, a process which I will now follow for all my drafts. Having had a week of reflection on the 31 days of March Revision, these are the key learning points that stood out for me: Continue reading