Publishing Plans and New Books

I know, it’s February and I’m posting about my annual plans for writing but as you may well know, January ‘resolutions’ Continue reading

Let There Be Light

At the end of the tunnel, that is. In February I wrote a post about the revision course I’m taking. Back then I was on Lesson Three (out of 22) after a little bit of a stop start. Now I’m on Lesson Twelve and I can’t say it’s got much easier but Continue reading

Revision Hell or Heaven?

stairs-735995_640I don’t blog ‘how to’ posts as I reckon there are a lot of good writing bloggers out there already and there isn’t enough room for any more advice. I regularly go through my email subscriptions as if I did read every piece of advice on writing, the writing would never get done! What I do share is what works for me. Continue reading

Daisy Chain Publication Plan

At this time odaisy-583090_640f year every writer will be thinking ahead. Indeed many people, writers or not, will be thinking about what they want to happen in this fresh New Year full of opportunities and the unknown. The sceptics of setting goals and resolutions are predicting that Continue reading