New Release: The Promise

My new release, The Promise, is available for 99c/99p for a limited time only. Grab your copy at the links below. And if you do read, please leave a review or let me know by email what you think. Thank you!



Publishing Plans and New Books

I know, it’s February and I’m posting about my annual plans for writing but as you may well know, January ‘resolutions’ Continue reading

Writing Productivity

Measuring Productivity Words Alone?

Measuring Productivity Words Alone?

We’re told often that to be a writer is ‘to write every day’. This is born out by the habits and commitments of many talented and successful authors. But are words the only way to measure our productivity? This is what I think… Continue reading

A Writers Daily Routine – Four Examples

Daily RoutineAfter a break from writing (see my earlier post about taking a break during August) it’s important to set up a writing routine again. I don’t know about you,but I get distracted unless I map my day out and be pretty tough on myself to see things through. Working from home can mean routines get pushed to the sidelines, they are easily interrupted with a promise to ‘do that later’ and later never arrives. Whilst I’ve been psyching myself up by searching about routines, I came across the daily routines of successful writers. Continue reading

Three (or Four) Good Reasons to take a Holiday from Blogging

P1030018 - CopyOr maybe I should just extend that to writing in general! After a couple of frustrating weeks choc a bloc with techie problems of one thing or another, I’ve decided to treat August to a blog-time. Usually I’ve got myself organised and scheduled blogs and I’m running behind. So rather than try and race through things and if the last few days have anything to go by, mess it all up, I talked myself into taking a break. There are other reasons of course… Continue reading

My Writing Day

Wake up Call

Wake up Call

Is there such a thing as a typical writing day? Not in my world. My day starts very early. Too early. Our English Springer Spaniel pup, known affectionately Continue reading

On My Reading Table

bedside tableI don’t need much encouragement to sit down with a new book and read. But for the past few years I’ve participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge where Continue reading

New Year… New Beginnings

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as they’re never realised – well mine aren’t. But what I do write every beginning of a new writing year are my hopes (and dreams) for the twelve months ahead.  And before I do that I always look back. For me 2014 Continue reading

Writing Bling

BlingWe all like to have our hard work recognised in some way or another, no matter what we do in life. When you have a ‘proper’ paid job, that could just be the monthly salary appearing in your bank account. When you are a writer, work rewards are harder to come by and yes, I do believe it is a proper job with a difference. There is no guaranteed income for a writer. We turn up every day, clock in, accomplish our daily, weekly, monthly goals, deliver on deadlines and produce work of a publishable quality. It’s not just a quirk of a writers job, I presume artists feel pretty much the same way, though they may well produce work to commission.

Anyway I digress, the reason I’m twittering on about this is because The Duke’s Shadow has been awarded a bit of writerly ‘bling’. And oh how I wish it could be a bit of Channel diamond jewellery, I’d sell it to make more books! I jest, it’s a very honourable award and I’m very delighted that the Duke has been short-listed as ‘one of the 8 finest novels’ in the Writers Village International Novel Award. And it’s even sweeter because I self published this début novel and so the extra work and huge learning curve has been well worth it.

So now I have to pick up my marketing mantle once more, add this accolade to all the information about The Duke and shout about it from the top of my voice. My advice to any other writer out there, is wear your bling with pride, I know you earned it.

Until Later,

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July Work In Progress



I have signed up for the July Camp NaNoWrimo but I’m not going to be writing anything new, apart from my daily 20 minute free write. I am planning a new book for the November NaNo but for this month I’ve designed my own challenge. Which includes the following targets:


#1 ‘All Will Be Well’ is the working title of my first ever draft, a historical novel set in World War II and inspired by stories about the ATA girls. You can read a blog post about one of the characters here. The ms currently stand at around 70,000 words and I’m using a system described by Jami Gold in my editing, using beat sheets to assess the story structure.

#2 ‘Wolf Moon’ is a fantasy novel that I edited for April Camp NaNo and I plan to submit the prologue and at least three chapters for critique before I complete the third draft.

#3 ‘The Good {Expat} Life is very loosely based on personal experiences since moving to and living in Italy. It’s contemporary humour and my pals over at Writers Abroad have enjoyed some of the scenes I’ve posted for feedback. I’m thinking of releasing it as a serial, possibly using Wattpad.

What plans do you have?