Dreamcatchers and Writing

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Free Literary Magazine from Writers Abroad

As some of you know, I belong to Writers Abroad, a fab community which supports expat writers. Twice a year we publish a free literary magazine which is packed full, with something to please every reader. A couple of weeks ago, I met some of these wonderful fellow authors for real after 10 years of online friendship!


In this, our sixth issue, we are proud to have secured an interview with the renowned international author, Peter May who lives in France. His success and the road he travelled to get there is inspiration for all of us.

All of the content is provided by WA members, so we have a rich and diverse publication with short stories, articles about expat life and where we live, poetry, recipes, book reviews and much more. And it’s free! So treat yourself to some time out this weekend, put your feet up and allow yourself to be transported to other parts of the world.

And, for the first time, we have included a literary quiz. The first reader to provide the correct answers via email, will win 15 euros in Amazon Gift Vouchers.

You can read the magazine online at Joomag where you can also download a copy, or alternatively there is a direct PDF download; the links are below. Enjoy!

In Memory of Dad

IMG_1188It’s been four weeks since I said goodbye to my dad, Bob, following a short but cruel illness. Although his passing in a way was expected you never really want to let a loved one go. We say we do, Continue reading

My Writer Within

My Writer Within

My Writer Within

I’ve spent several years trying to keep up with blogging. It’s a good thing for a writer to do, I really believe that. After all, writing is what writers do and a blog is a way to develop a healthy writing habit. However, it’s something I’ve found difficult to maintain for reasons I’ve yet to fathom out.

I know I can create a writing habit and I know I can stick to it. So what is it with my blog? I think the key thing is that there are so many good blogs out there on the process of writing. The technical stuff that we writers need to know. In fact, I think many writers are very generous with their ‘gifts’ of knowledge, helping other writers by sharing what has worked for them or systems they’ve developed from the big picture to the nitty gritty. And there is a blog on every aspect of writing every week, and probably every day. That’s a lot of blogs. And I’m not sure there is room for any more. And, more to the point, I don’t want to blog about what everybody else is blogging about.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

So back to basics. The modern blog originated in the late 1990’s, not that long ago in the big scheme of things, and it progressed from the concept on an online diary or journaling. I’ve kept diaries for years, a habit that was instilled in me by my mother who regularly scribbled notebooks of all shapes and sizes; including a tiny one dating back to the mid 1950’s when she met my father.

I’m going to blog about my writer within, the face behind this committed scribophile. Like many writers, I’ve had a life ‘before writing’. I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, an aunt and a wife (including an ex-wife). I’ve been a nurse, a manager, a human resource consultant and I’ve ran my own company. I left school with three O levels and in my late twenties I completed a Masters in Business Administration whilst working full time and a single mother of a very active five year old son.

I’m going to blog about my writing life in the context of the world around me. What’s gone well and not so well. What strengths I’ve pulled on and the times I’ve fallen of the treadmill. And I’ll be honest, I’m not doing this for anyone else but me. It’s a warts and all kind of thing. A personal record. Something that I can look back on and remember (or maybe choose to forget). Having said that, I’d be honoured to have you along…

P.S. Check out my new home for My Writer Within where I can’t promise not to ramble but hopefully share the things that make up my life behind the mask.


Until Later,

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My Favourite… Colours

Smarties I’ve been musing about colours and their meanings. Like you do. It started with a writing prompt that I submitted to Writers Abroad for us to have a go at this week. ‘Write about a shadow that changes colour’ – and it’s led me to all kinds of places. So I thought I’d share my top three favourite colours and what I found out about them I started to dig a little deeper. Continue reading

PHB Syndrome and How to Manage it

PHBNo, no it’s not catching. Honest. But I’m willing to bet a cup of coffee that a lot of us are experiencing this at the moment. Sweaty palms? A tendency to look at the pictures taken for the last month with a heavy sigh? Daily yearnings for an ice cream cone in the afternoon? Maybe a G&T before 6pm? A dread of getting on the scales?

‘Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will no withdraw from us.’ Maya Angelou

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My Ten Favourite Quotes on Writing and Life

Just Remember...

Just Remember…

As the temperatures here in Italy (and I believe in France and Spain) have been nudging forty for the past three or four weeks, the word on the street is that this month will be the hottest July for seventy years. My brain is a puddle by my feet and so I thought I’d take the easy option and share my top ten favourite quotes about writing and life in general. Continue reading

My Top Three Passions (After Writing)

One of my other Passions in Life

One of my other Passions in Life

All writers have a life outside of their writing. Although it’s generally considered that we writerly folk are more introvert (definitely in my case) we do have other things going on in our life-like all people-we need stimulation from a wide range of things. So what gives me pleasure, other than writing? Continue reading