Publishing Plans and New Books

I know, it’s February and I’m posting about my annual plans for writing but as you may well know, January ‘resolutions’ rarely see the light of day. I posted over at My Writer Within about my Hopes and Dreams at the beginning of the year and here are the specifics about my writing plans.

  • The Morning Gift is now enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited programme so if you have a subscription you can read if for free. It’s had a fresh edit and a cover polish. ūüėä
  • The second draft of The Promise, a story of love between a WW Two British PoW and an Italian peasant girl, is almost completed. It’s loosely based on a thread of a true story I read and based not far from where I live! Next step beta readers *let me know if you want to be one*
  • The White Feather, set during World War One will go through a second draft and along with The Promise,¬† published by this November 2018
  • The Rainbow Hunters (working title) is a fantasy series that I outlined last November – I’m going to create a new persona and will post details here
  • To gather some interest in the fantasy genre, I am planning to release some regular short(ish) stories, again details will be released here
  • Finally I’m working on some new Penny and George¬†stories (The Good{Expat}Life)¬†at a dedicated blog

This, along with life in general will keep me busy in 2018 (you can find out more about my life in general at My Writer Within, check out the side bar).