All Will Be Well – Free Digital Copy

It’s that time of year again when I lock myself in my writing lab, scribbling away every day (well almost every day) to reach the magical target of 50,000 words. I’m participating in an annual event called National Novel Writing Month and this will be my seventh year. You can read more about NaNo and Me over at My Writer Within.

Anyway, during this month I shall be giving away limited free copies of my second historical novel, All Will Be Well, which is set in World War II. Once you’ve read it, I’d be very grateful if you’d find time to post a review – long or short and as honest as you like. Readers impressions are important to us writers, your feedback is more valuable than you could ever imagine. No obligation though, I promise. Here are a couple of thoughts from other readers…

“This is a sensitive and poignant story about an unlikely relationship between two women from vastly differing backgrounds during World War II. War is a great leveller, and so a friendship that might never have happened in peacetime was able to flourish.”

“A beautiful story told in a sensitive voice – this novel is set in WWII and is driven by two strong female characters. It charts their individual and combined development through the challenges of war. As the novel progresses they each, in their own way, become admirable women. There is nothing crass or predictable about this one.”


I’ll resurface again in December!

Until then,