Free Giveaway and New Release!

My renewed efforts to kick start my daisy chain publication plan continues with this new release; All Will Be Well. I started this particular story a long time ago, I’m talking years, so it’s been through several stages and I have one lady to thank for the nugget that started it all. Pat Brandon was an old lady I met in Pimlico said many years ago. She was a feisty 80 year old , had lived a spicy life and began her nurse training, barely out of her youth, during World War Two in London. I loved listening to her recount her stories and she loved me to listen! In fact I have Pat to thank for the title as well, as it was something she whispered to a young soldier as he lay dying. The original quote is credited to Julian of Norwich an important anchoress and theologian in the early 14th Century of whom it is alleged is the first woman to have written a book in the English Language. So very appropriate.

I love the whole process of producing a book, from start to finish, it ticks all my creative boxes. The cover was designed with the help of a very handy online tool at DIY Book Covers by Derek Murphy. Derek is very supportive of indie publishing and has lots of resources on his site. Sourcing images can take some time, though it’s pleasant time spent especially for a procrastinator like myself. I usually start with Pinterest images to get some ideas as well as checking out similar genre books and then source the images from a site such as Shutterstock (Derek has a list of sites for sourcing images). I have designed covers in Word before – again Derek has a resource for this – but the online design tool was perfect for merging images.

“Whatever you may have heard, self-publishing is not a short cut to anything. Except maybe insanity. Self-publishing, like every other kind of publishing, is hard work. You don’t wake up one morning good at it. You have to work for that.”

—Zoe Winters

Anyway, enough rambling… to celebrate this new release I’m giving away free ebooks of my first novel, The Duke’s Shadow to anyone who signs up to my newsletter. It’s a newsletter I send out only to give details of new releases so I promise not to force feed your inbox.

You can buy All Will Be Well from Amazon here and available in other formats here

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  1. Looking forward to reading this new offering, Jo. Hope ‘All Will Be Well’ is a great success. xxx

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