Writing Habits -The Four R’s: Read, Write, Re-write, Repeat

Writing  Goals 2016 (1)I’d planned a very productive year, twelve long months ago. My Daisy Chain publication plan was pinned purposefully above my desk and my intent was the strongest it had ever been. My pen was full, my pencils sharpened and oodles of virgin white paper just waiting to be scribbled on. So what happened?

Well, like for many of us, life happened. And happened in several big ways which you can read more about that at My Writer Within – see the links in the column on the right. It’s my regular ‘all things bared’ blog which exposes my life not only as the writer but the person behind. The back room girl if you like.

Life and its tribulations will continue to happen, of that, I have no doubt. This time last year I’d developed my writers ‘muscle’ and it was being honed by all the activity I had planned. Still, I can’t go backwards, only forwards so enough said. Time to start creating those writing habits that fed my muscle. The words won’t get written, edited or published all by themselves and in order to write well, I need to read. This year I started using a bullet journal to help plan and track my life, not just my writing. I wrote about this over at Writers Abroad, the online writing community I belong to. Anyway, as part of the developing nature of my journal I’ve created a habit tracker. You can create one online, I have one with Momentum, but I do love to pencil in the days I’ve actually completed something, which as you can see is not very much.

Habits change into character – Ovid

I have lots of things I’d like to do, some of them probably img_1644aren’t definitively ‘habits’ but I’m a visual kind of person when it comes to monitoring progress so if I can see a pattern that’s good enough for me. And not all of them are all about writing. We writers don’t live in a bubble, just waiting for inspiration. We have a life to live and yes, the dust still gathers around us!

Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction, break the habit, talk about your joys – Rita Schiano

So, time to move on. This December I’m planning on finishing one project – finishing the micro edit of my third WiP for this year ready for publication and hoping to develop a daily habit of a muse, in some form or another. You can keep up progress with my habit formation (after this year I had considered taking up smoking after 12 years but some habits aren’t worth the risk) over at My Writer Within. And on the 1st January 2017, I hope to  WILL be sharing my results with you, in the form of a link to the book!

P.S. I know, there are not four R’s but the w is silent… a writer’s right to interpret word sounds, no?

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