Journal: 4th January 2016


My Writer Within

Based on my last posting about changing the way I blog, this is the first of the changes. I’m going to post some short updates. Snippets of my life. About what has gone well and not so well. Just the way my day has been… short and snappy. My writer within, behind the mask.

Today I’ve been catching up. My father was taken ill and I had to make a mercy dash back to the UK just before the New Year. One of the most difficult things about living abroad is the distance from your family when things are tough. As I used to be a nurse in a long ago, previous life I find it difficult to stand back. He’s being well looked after at the moment and I can’t do anything very practical so I shall be returning when I can be of more use.quote

My writing goals are set for 2016, I shall be sharing them in a post later this week, but I’ve also set a couple of non-writing goals. One of which is to improve my Italian with a daily target of ten minutes on Duolingo,  it’s approaching 6pm and I’ve not done it. So armed with a treat (known as a glass of wine in my book) I’m going to do my first session. 


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