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Smarties I’ve been musing about colours and their meanings. Like you do. It started with a writing prompt that I submitted to Writers Abroad for us to have a go at this week. ‘Write about a shadow that changes colour’ – and it’s led me to all kinds of places. So I thought I’d share my top three favourite colours and what I found out about them I started to dig a little deeper.

We kind of take colours for granted, don’t you think? Yet they impact on our daily life in more ways than we know. Can they tell people about our personality? Well, maybe if we wear colours deliberately to reflect ourselves. What if we were dogs and could only see in black and white. A monochrome world would be a very different one, I think, which would change the way we smell, taste and look at things. I went to a ‘Colour Me’ session many years ago, a gift from a charity auction and it taught me a lot about what colours suited my skin tone, whether they reflect my personality I don’t know.

So my top three favourite colours…

Number One has to be Orange. I don’t know why but whenever my granddaughter asks what my favourite pencil colour is when we’re colouring in, this is the one I choose. Ten times out of ten. I do love to colour in, even now, in my 50’s but that’s perhaps for another post. According to some of the information I found, Orange is a colour of optimism and positive outlook. It’s classed as an ‘extrovert’ colour – uninhibited and likes to show off! I’m pretty sure I’m a glass half full kind of girl but I am definitely an introvert and keep my head down. It makes me feel happy and I wear it quite often.

Orange is the happiest colour – Frank Sinatra

Number Two is Green. The lighter and bgreenrighter the better. Of course this colour is linked with balance and growth. And that’s exactly how I see it, especially as I’m a keen but very green gardener and grow my own vegetables. It represents abundance on all levels and particularly of wealth and prosperity,with some negative connotations of possessiveness and materialism. You would only have to look around my little casa to know that this isn’t really me.

Finally, Number Three has to be Indigo. This is my creative colour but also one that represents my other life with links to devotion, justice and human fairness. It’s not far from the colour I favoured in my earlier days, that of navy, as in my District Nursing uniform – which I hated with a passion! It’s also more ‘spiritual’ in the broadest sense of the term and promotes an understanding of the deeper consciousness. On the negative side, I’m told, Indigo can represent addiction and fanaticism. I gave up smoking some years back and like the odd tipple. I’m probably more addicted to Solitaire and Mahjong if I’m honest.

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most – John Ruskin


There are so many meanings to colours, in our different cultures, psychologically, physically, environmentally… even politically! This little foray has made me realise that sending some of my characters for a Colour Me session would help develop them on paper. And I discovered something else. My husband has a handy way of remembering the colours of the rainbow -a feat which has always passed mespiral_rainbow by until now: Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. Now you work it out for yourself.

Which is your favourite colour, and does it define you as a person?

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