Three (or Four) Good Reasons to take a Holiday from Blogging

P1030018 - CopyOr maybe I should just extend that to writing in general! After a couple of frustrating weeks choc a bloc with techie problems of one thing or another, I’ve decided to treat August to a blog-time. Usually I’ve got myself organised and scheduled blogs and I’m running behind. So rather than try and race through things and if the last few days have anything to go by, mess it all up, I talked myself into taking a break. There are other reasons of course…

  1. I have a number of things to do on our Writers Abroad publications. The third issue of our magazine (FREE) is due to be published on 1st September jam packed full with lots of interesting stuff from our members. And we have almost finished proofing the Anthology stories for Kaleidoscope and I need to prepare files to send to authors. More details can be found in the WA Magazine! Sign up if you haven’t already
  2. My lovely son, his wife and my two grandchildren arrive on 17th August for a couple of weeks. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I last saw them in February on a quick mercy dash back to the UK to look after my Dad who was ill. This time is sacrosanct so I need to get ahead of myself with reason number 1 so I can dedicate all my attention to them.
  3. It’s August and all of Italy is on holiday. Well most of them, apart from those in the service and caring industries. So our little lane, usually a haven of tranquillity, is buzzing with visitors to their ‘holiday homes’ in the peasant county of Le Marche. So time to brush up on my Italian, which is atrocious.

And sometimes a break from something can just be a bit refreshing for everyone, don’t you think?

See you in September!

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