Meet My Character: George

PANDgCROPGeorge is one of the main characters in my series of short stories, The Good{Expat}Life. The first series was posted on Wattpad and I’ve just completed the second series. I’m looking for potential publishing possibilities. Any suggestions of potential markets would be most welcome!

What is your real, birth name? George Horatio Nelson – I know, my mother thought it would stand me in good stead… how wrong can someone be? Don’t tell Penny that I’ve revealed my middle names will you?
Do you have a nickname? Well, not really. Penny calls me lots of things, especially when she’s angry. Mostly she refers to me as l’uomochifa the man who does, or who will do as Penny reminds me. She’s very organised.
What do you look like? One woman where I worked thought I looked like George Clooney. No, honest she did! Penny said that the resemblance stopped with the name George… but I know she’s teasing me.
How do you dress most of the time? Well, it depends what I’m doing. If I’m strimming (which I do a lot) it’s usually a pair of thin cotton trousers with an elastic waist (cheap buy from the supermarket), an old white t shirt usually with remnants of the last strim, an old cut sock on my arm (the strimmer motor burns it) and a hat (or if I’ve forgotten it, a clean pair of underpants – much to Penny’s disgust.)
How do you “dress up?” Erm, I wear a shirt usually on the top half. Penny likes me in pastels, pink and lilac.
How do you “dress down?” Erm, shorts usually (isn’t that what all men wear “down” or trousers?) too early in the year say our Italian neighbours, they are still in their puffa jackets until mid-July.
What do you wear when you go to sleep? Nothin’ usually, the odd cat around my neck, who doesn’t stay there long. I like ‘skin to skin’ but Penny insists on wearing some kind of nightwear. Just in case. Of intruders or such like. So she says…
Do you wear any jewellery? My wedding ring. I did try an ear stud many years ago, but Penny was not impressed. I thought it was very ‘George Michael’.
In your opinion, what is your best feature? Definitely Not my hair. Definitely Penny.
What’s your real birth date? I’m 59 years young. I’m sure you can work it out. We have a big double 0 birthday next year. Penny wants to ignore it, but it’s time for a celebration don’t you think? Perhaps I can persuade her with a list. She loves lists.
Where do you live? In central Italy in a very small house with very large ‘grounds’ which we like to refer to as the Estate. Large enough to hide from Penny and her lists. (I do love her tho’ and she does get things done… with my help of course).
Do you own a car? Yup. But don’t want to talk about the front wing. Penny!
What is your most prized mundane possession? My strimmer of course. Used to use a hand scythe and I still have it. Its handle was made by Pietro, the old guy who lived here. He made all his tools and I have them all.
What one word best describes you? Obedient?

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