Works In Progress: Health Check May

Monthly Health CheckWell, May was a month of two bits (and maybe a little more!). Whilst Simon was away in the second week of May I wore myself out, spring cleaning and writing lots and lots. Nine days was a long time on my own and I made sure I filled every waking moment with something to do! I couldn’t be happier that he is back home despite my production level dipping considerably!

So what have I achieved this month? Lets see…

  • Morning Journal: I’m trying to get back into the habit of some free form writing every day, but I’m flagging a little. It should be the first thing I do, but I get distracted… 6169 words written.
  • Blog Posts: 6 posts published (four here and two on The Good Expat Life Blog) – a total of 2803 words.
  • Wolf Moon Edit: I completed the edit and rewrite of the beginning (Part I) and submitted three more chapters to WA for feedback, which has been great. And I’ve completed the paper edit for the middle bit (around 35k) and now need to get this sorted. I wrote a total of around 10k new words for this project this month, so actually not bad going. But I need to finish it. I’ve also been identifying a couple of agents to query.
  • The Good(Expat)Life Series II: The second series is now completed in draft form – around 6000 new words. I’ve started to query a couple of Women’s mags who run serials.
  • Competitions Submissions: I submitted two short stories that had started as a Monday Muses way back. One didn’t get anywhere and the other we’ll have to wait and see.
  • Other: I’ve got nowhere with my anthology submission but really must get my head down.

This is such a great exercise to undertake. I’d been kicking myself for not doing as much as I wanted but I’ve actually achieved quite a lot. Still shed loads to do, but I’m pretty chuffed and it’s renewed my energy levels to get cracking in June…

How’s your month been?

Until Later,

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