Works in Progress: Health Check April

Monthly Health CheckI wrote about my first health check in this post last month. Can’t believe it’s time for an update, but let’s see how the patients are faring…This is, in fact, a great analogy for me, having a large part of my life working in health care, firstly as a nurse, then turncoat as a manager and finally in education and development. I hope I did a little better with my real life human patients!

I first talked about my Works in Progress in this post. And whilst I intended to complete April Camp NaNo, I realised I was trying to balance too many plates and I had to rectify the issue before they all came tumbling down on my head! So I did an analysis on All Will Be Well (my Camp NaNo project) and concentrated on the edits for Wolf Moon. I have submitted 3 Chapters to my wonderful on-line writing group Writers Abroad, which have been very favourable. I now plan to complete the edit, entice some Beta Readers to read the finished product and start looking for a publisher. I’m really taken with the fantasy genre, I love making up a world all of my own to inhabit!

The plan for May is to start the edits on All Will Be Well as well as complete the draft of The Good{Expat}Life series 2.  In addition, I have a piece to write for the WA anthology , so I don’t know what I’m doing here, chatting to myself!

Oh, and here is a spreadsheet of my WiPs, looks fancy but I can’t credit myself with the design. I just fill in the numbers and voila!

April Progress

April Progress

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