CampNaNo – April

Camp-Participant-2015-Web-BannerThis will be a short post because I’ve got my head down. Yesterday, in the first of my monthly health check ups, I mentioned that I would be revisiting my first ever rough draft. All Will Be Well is an historical novel set in WW2 and inspired by a newspaper clipping (it was in fact an obituary) about Dianna Barnato Walker, one of the first female pilots.

Anyway it’s been locked away, being moved to many new homes as we’ve downsized and re-assessed our living space. At one time, the manuscript hovered over the bin, but I couldn’t bring myself to chuck out 80,000 words. So, I’ve joined the April Camp NaNo and am hoping to review and start rewriting if there’s enough of a story.

Camp NaNo happens twice during the year, in April and July and complements the annual writing challenge to write a novel in a month (NaNoWriMo – November). In the camp you can set your own word count or choose any number of writing opportunities that you would like to complete during the month. There is also the option to join a ‘cabin’ with other fellow writers to help spur you on, but I prefer to work on my own. So I’ve got my primus stove burning ready to supply plenty of caffeine, pencils are sharpened, pens inked and batteries recharged.

Depending on my progress, I may even allow the Easter Bunny in if he brings chocolate!

Next Time: I shall be sharing the key lessons I learnt during the March Revision Course from Fiction University

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