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Monthly Health Check

As part of my effort to keep motivated and have a record of my achievements (or details of the excuses) I’m going to write a short post of my current ‘works in progress’. I call it my monthly health check, after all these manuscripts have a heart beat, they just need a bit of care and attention.

All Will Be WellAll Will Be Well – this is the first long piece of fiction I wrote. It probably started pre 2007, but I think I only gathered and threw the words together once I’d relocated to Italy. It currently stands at 80,000 words and is set in the UK during World War II. It tells the tale of a friendship between two women who would never have met during peace time. Evie is an orphan and escaped the clutches of her bitter aunt by enrolling as a nurse. Isabel is a debutante, with everything a girl could wish for and a passion for flying. She joins the ATA where she learns to develop a thick skin. Both women fall in love with the same man, Jack an ace fighter pilot. Can their friendship survive the war and their personal battle in love? I’m going to be analysing the story structure during April as part of Camp NaNo.

dog-647528_1280Wolf Moon – is my first adventure in the fantasy genre. The first draft is around 78,ooo words penned in another NaNoWriMo challenge in 2013.This project originally started as some very short stories submitted as freestyle writing to my Writers Abroad group. Xanthe is a orphan with an attitude. Following a head injury and on the day of her fourteenth birthday, she discovers her destiny as the last Moon Princess and her role to save the Kingdom of Selene. I’m rewriting as part of the March Revision course with Fiction University.


Penny and GeorgeThe Good{Expat}Life – Penny and George have lost everything, their business, their house and their dignity. They pack up their remaining possessions and a paper bag full of their savings and move to Italy in a rundown elderly farmhouse amongst the Sibbilini hills.I’m writing the second series based on true experiences but fictionalised and developed into a humourous tale about Penny and George, their best friends, Roger and Daphne and the expats they meet in the first years of living in Italy. The first series can be read on Wattpad and I plan to publish both series this year.

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