New Year… New Beginnings

I don’t make New Years Resolutions as they’re never realised – well mine aren’t. But what I do write every beginning of a new writing year are my hopes (and dreams) for the twelve months ahead.  And before I do that I always look back. For me 2014 was a fairly successful year.

  • I self published my first novel, The Duke’s Shadow, and it was short-listed for a very prestigious award. What I need to do is crank up my marketing efforts to get it ‘out there’.
  • I wrote and posted the first series in The Good{Expat}Life; thirteen short stories totalling in about 30,000 words. These were posted on Wattpad with over 400 reads! So very I was very chuffed (that’s a northern term for pleased if you’re wondering). I also set up a Penny and George Blog to help market the series.
  • I took part in the NaNoWriMo challenge and have produced a working draft of The White Feather, a story set in two time lines; present and WW1.
  • I wrote regularly to writing prompts – approximately 50 odd short stories/flash fiction, some of which I polished up and sent to competitions.

So for 2015?

  1. I plan to edit and polish my fantasy novel, Wolf Moon and look for a publisher
  2. I will rewrite my NaNo project, The White Feather and decide whether to go ahead with edits for publication.
  3. I plan to write Series 2 and 3 of The Good{Expat}Life for publication
  4. I will sign up to the CampNaNo Challenges in April and July for editing other WiP’s
  5. I promise to ‘muse’ writing new stuff at least three times a week to exercise the writing muscle.
  6. Oh, and I will try and do better at keeping this blog up to date, if nothing else it serves as a wake up call to my progress (or otherwise)

Now I need to go and lie down in a darkened room…

Until Later,

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