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BlingWe all like to have our hard work recognised in some way or another, no matter what we do in life. When you have a ‘proper’ paid job, that could just be the monthly salary appearing in your bank account. When you are a writer, work rewards are harder to come by and yes, I do believe it is a proper job with a difference. There is no guaranteed income for a writer. We turn up every day, clock in, accomplish our daily, weekly, monthly goals, deliver on deadlines and produce work of a publishable quality. It’s not just a quirk of a writers job, I presume artists feel pretty much the same way, though they may well produce work to commission.

Anyway I digress, the reason I’m twittering on about this is because The Duke’s Shadow has been awarded a bit of writerly ‘bling’. And oh how I wish it could be a bit of Channel diamond jewellery, I’d sell it to make more books! I jest, it’s a very honourable award and I’m very delighted that the Duke has been short-listed as ‘one of the 8 finest novels’ in the Writers Village International Novel Award. And it’s even sweeter because I self published this début novel and so the extra work and huge learning curve has been well worth it.

So now I have to pick up my marketing mantle once more, add this accolade to all the information about The Duke and shout about it from the top of my voice. My advice to any other writer out there, is wear your bling with pride, I know you earned it.

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