July Work In Progress



I have signed up for the July Camp NaNoWrimo but I’m not going to be writing anything new, apart from my daily 20 minute free write. I am planning a new book for the November NaNo but for this month I’ve designed my own challenge. Which includes the following targets:


#1 ‘All Will Be Well’ is the working title of my first ever draft, a historical novel set in World War II and inspired by stories about the ATA girls. You can read a blog post about one of the characters here. The ms currently stand at around 70,000 words and I’m using a system described by Jami Gold in my editing, using beat sheets to assess the story structure.

#2 ‘Wolf Moon’ is a fantasy novel that I edited for April Camp NaNo and I plan to submit the prologue and at least three chapters for critique before I complete the third draft.

#3 ‘The Good {Expat} Life is very loosely based on personal experiences since moving to and living in Italy. It’s contemporary humour and my pals over at Writers Abroad have enjoyed some of the scenes I’ve posted for feedback. I’m thinking of releasing it as a serial, possibly using Wattpad.

What plans do you have?


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