A Toast to The Duke

Here's to The Duke!

Here’s to The Duke!

Cheers! Well, I finally made my deadline. The Duke’s Shadow was published on Saturday 1st March  *phew*! Now available in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.

I had great support from friends, family and fellow writers at the online launch on Facebook so a big thanks to everyone who popped in for a virtual toast of Prosecco, lemon grass tea and even a sausage roll or two. It was quite an exhausting day keeping up with all the comments but very much appreciated.

I was also featured in an author interview on Maureen Vincent-Northam’s blog, The Writers Checklist and a Q and A session over at Dianne Ascroft (Dianne is a member of my writing group, Writers Abroad).

So what now? Well I’m trying hard to get back into other projects which have been left on the sidelines for the past few weeks namely the Penny and George series (The Good {Expat} Life) and Wolf Moon (a fantasy novel). And of course, I shall have to keep marketing The Duke… why not pop over to Amazon now and order your copy?

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