Here you will find details of published publications by Louise Charles and where they are available for purchase. All books are published under the name of LouC Publishing.


Penny and George have embarked on a new life; not only as man and wife but in a new country. They are cash poor and time rich but can they make it work? Follow their hilarious stories as they bumble along knocking into the odd expat, collecting a family of stray animals and trying hard to cultivate green fingers to keep the wolf from the door.

Readers Comments:

‘Very funny. The dialogue keeps the pace up.’

‘What a great opening – man shackled to a lamp post. I loved it.’

‘I had a smile on my face reading this, all the way through.’

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The Duke's Shadow


The story is set in mid Victorian times and William Kenilworth is a young aristocrat who was never born to be a duke. But following the death of his brother he inherits a legacy and a title he neither wants or has been trained to carry out. Bullied by his domineering mother and rejected by his first love, William falls into deep depression. His savior is his sister, Lottie who helps him to create a second identity and blend in with ‘normal folk’ and as Reuben Chambers he falls in love and marries. However, can he keep his two lives separate?

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Reflections is a collection of short stories and flash fiction. Some have been published in womags like Peoples Friend and My Weekly, others have been selected for anthologies and many have been selected for publication online. Some have made longlists, shortlists and no thank you lists but now they have all found a home, here in my first publication. I hope you enjoy.

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